In 1994 the poet C.D. Wright created a literary map of Arkansas, and the University of Arkansas Press published it as part of her Lost Roads project.  The map highlights and affirms the great number of worthy writers whom Arkansas has nurtured.  This updated version, redesigned and with new parameters for inclusion, was created with full permission of Wright and the UA Press.

 Arkansas is still relatively small in population, close-knit, and uniquely tied to the land. These are among the factors in its distinctive literary heritage, which ranges from John Gould Fletcher to Maya Angelou, Charles Portis to Padma Viswanathan —a diverse group of writers of different eras, styles, and genres.  The Readers’ Map will play a vital role by honoring both old and new writers who contribute to the rich culture of Arkansas literature.

 “A Readers’ Map of Arkansas,” an updated literary map, will be released in print and web form in April 2016 at the Arkansas Literary Festival and at a launch party on Tuesday, April 12, 2016, at the Oxford American Annex at South on Main, 1300 S. Main St., Little Rock.

 If you have questions or comments, or if you represent a school or library and would like a free copy of the map, please contact readersmap@hendrix.edu.

Copyright 2016 by the Readers’ Map of Arkansas Committee.