Category: Nonfiction (memoir)

Wolf, John Quincy

Wolf, John Quincy, 1901–1972. Nonfiction (memoir): Life in the Leatherwoods: An Ozark Boyhood Remembered. Born near Calico Rock (Izard Co.), lived in Batesville.

Walton, Sam

Walton, Sam, 1918–1992. Nonfiction (memoir): Made in America: My Story. Lived in Newport, Bentonville.

Thornton, Billy Bob

Thornton, Billy Bob, 1955–. Nonfiction (memoir): The Billy Bob Tapes: A Cave Full of Ghosts. Born in Hot Springs.

Thurmond, Frank H.

Thurmond, Frank H., 1967–. Nonfiction (memoir): Before I Sleep: A Memoir of Travel and Reconciliation. Grew up in Little Rock, teaches at UALR.

Starr, John Robert

Starr, John Robert, 1927–2000. Nonfiction (memoir): Yellow Dogs and Dark Horses: Thirty Years on the Campaign Beat with John Robert Starr. Born in Lake Village, lived in Little Rock.

Starr, Fred

Starr, Fred, 1896–1973. Nonfiction (memoir): From an Ozark Hillside. Lived in Siloam Springs.

Sanders, Kathy

Sanders, Kathy, 1953–. Nonfiction (memoir): Now You See Me: How I Forgave the Unforgivable. Lives in Little Rock.

Schexnayder, Charlotte Tillar

Schexnayder, Charlotte Tillar, 1923–. Nonfiction (memoir): Salty Old Editor: An Adventure in Ink. Born in Dumas.

Roberts, Terrance

Roberts, Terrance, 1941–. Nonfiction (memoir): Lessons from Little Rock. Born in Little Rock.

Pryor, David

Pryor, David, 1934–. Nonfiction (memoir): A Pryor Commitment: The Autobiography of David Pryor. Born in Camden, lives in Little Rock.