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Bevens, William E., 1841–1924. Nonfiction (memoir): Reminiscences of a Private. Lived in Batesville.

Black, Daniel Omotosho

Black, Daniel Omotosho, 1965–. Fiction: They Tell Me of a Home. Grew up in Blackwell. http://www.encyclopediaofarkansas.net/encyclopedia/entry-detail.aspx?search=1&entryID=7401

Blackmon, Anita

Blackmon, Anita, 1893–1943. Fiction (mystery): Murder à la Richelieu. Born in Augusta, died in Little Rock.

Blackmon, Douglas A.

Blackmon, Douglas A., 1964–. Nonfiction: Slavery by Another Name: The Re-Enslavement of Black Americans from the Civil War to World War II. Born in Stuttgart, lived in Monticello, Little Rock; Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction. http://www.encyclopediaofarkansas.net/encyclopedia/entry-detail.aspx?entryID=5964

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Blair, Diane D., 1938–2000. Nonfiction (politics): Arkansas Politics and Government: Do the People Rule?. Lived in Fayetteville. http://www.encyclopediaofarkansas.net/encyclopedia/entry-detail.aspx?entryID=4171

Bledsoe, C. L.

Bledsoe, C. L., 1976–. Juvenile fiction: Sunlight. Born in Wynne. http://clbledsoe.blogspot.com

Blevins, Brooks

Blevins, Brooks, 1969–. Nonfiction: Arkansas/Arkansaw: How Bear Hunters, Hillbillies, and Good Ol’ Boys Defined A State. Born in the Arkansas Ozarks. http://history.missouristate.edu/brblevins.aspx

Bolsterli, Margaret Jones

Bolsterli, Margaret Jones, 1931–. Nonfiction (memoir): Born in the Delta: Reflections on the Making of a Southern White Sensibility. Born in Watson, lives near Fayetteville; Porter Prize winner.

Bolton, S. Charles

Bolton, S. Charles, 1943–. Nonfiction (history): Arkansas, 1800–1859: Remote and Restless. Lives in Little Rock.

Borland, Bryan

Borland, Bryan, 1979–. Poetry: My Life as Adam. Lives in Little Rock. http://bryanborland.com/