Requirements for Inclusion

Requirements for Inclusion in the new Readers’ Map of Arkansas

The person must be

  • a writer of fiction, poetry, plays, nonfiction, or graphic novels who has published at least one print book that is not self-published and that appeals to the general reader (i.e., not a narrow academic audience); and
  • who has a significant connection to Arkansas, such as being born here or living here, whether as a child or an adult, for a significant amount of time.  (For instance, someone who comes from out of state to get an MFA in Arkansas and immediately leaves will not count.)

Porter Prize winners and Poets Laureate of Arkansas will be automatically included. We will not include songwriters, screenwriters, publishers, editors, or journalists (unless they happen to meet the above criteria by having authored a book).

(decided by the Steering Committee, Dec. 9, 2013)